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The AKL Foundation has empowered over 135,000 families through comprehensive support and sustainable development initiatives.

What is AKL Foundation?

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The AKL Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting education and healthcare initiatives in underserved communities around the world. With a focus on sustainability and community empowerment, the foundation implements a variety of programs, including scholarship opportunities for students, health awareness campaigns, and the construction of educational and medical facilities.

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Essential Resource Provision

Supporting necessities through loan repayments and grocery provisions, the foundation alleviates financial burdens for families.

Economic Empowerment

Focused on job creation and sustainable rehabilitation, the foundation empowers individuals to achieve economic independence.

Comprehensive Support Services

The AKL Foundation provides crucial educational and medical assistance, enhancing learning and health outcomes.

135 K+

Families Supported

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People Say about our foundation

“ I was struggling with medical bills for my mother’s treatment until I found out about the AKL Foundation. Their timely medical assistance was a lifesaver. Can't thank them enough for their support during our tough times. “

Zubair Khan From Karachi

“ The employment opportunities provided by the AKL Foundation have dramatically changed my life. I secured a job through their program, and now I can support my family with dignity. Highly recommend their services to anyone in need! “

Fahad from Islamabad

“ The grocery provision program from AKL Foundation came at just the right time. It has been a huge relief for my family during the pandemic. Their efforts are genuinely commendable. “

Nadia From Multan

Listen, Act, Learn, Repeat

The AKL Foundation is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty in Pakistan by providing targeted educational, healthcare, and economic support to empower individuals and revitalize communities.


Job Stability


families assisted



The AKL Foundation actively improves lives in Pakistan through substantial educational, medical, and economic development initiative.


Empowering Lives, Enriching Communities

At AKL Foundation, we are committed to helping people in need, striving to uplift and transform underserved communities through dedicated support in education, health care, and economic development. We believe in fostering a world where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute positively to their community, ensuring that no one is left behind in the pursuit of progress and prosperity.


Job Success


Family Supported



The AKL Foundation empowers over 135,000 families in Pakistan with educational, medical, and economic support, enhancing community sustainability and individual well-being.

Our Values

The AKL Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Pakistan dedicated to improving lives through education, healthcare, and economic support, committed to fostering sustainable development and community empowerment.


Empathetic and responsive to unique challenges.


Committed to honesty and transparency.


Ensuring opportunities for all, regardless of background.


Seeking creative solutions for complex problems


Focusing on long-term, independent community thriving.


Enabling positive change through community self-reliance.

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what have we done with your help

With your help, we've empowered communities through education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, making tangible differences in countless lives. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey towards positive change.

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